Michael E. Eckroth

Academic Appointments

Adjunct Professor

Pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger Michael Eckroth is known in improvised music circles for his work with jazz legend John Scofield, and in world music circles as the pianist, arranger, and composer for the Cuban ensemble Orquesta Akokan, whose 2018 debut album recieved a Grammy Nomination. He received his Phd in jazz performance from NYU in 2016 with the dissertation Early Cuban Piano Improvisation. He continues to be an active performer in the NYC area, nationally and internationally, and has taught at Dartmouth since 2017.

B.A. University of Arizona
M.A. University of Nevada
Ph. D. New York University

Works in progress

Monster Piano: Cuban and Afro-latin Piano Improvisation in the 1940s-1960s. A history and method book.

Two quarantine albums featuring original compositions and improvisation.

Akokan follow-up album to be released in 2020


Live performance excerpts