Mikhail Gronas

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Russian

219 Reed Hall
HB 6085
B.A. Moscow State University, Moscow
M.A. University of Southern California at Los Angeles
Ph.D. University of Southern California at Los Angeles

Selected Publications

2015 Y.-F. Luo, A. Rumshisky, M. Gronas. Catching the Red Priest: Using Historical Editions of Encyclopedia Britannica to Track the Evolution of Reputations. The 9th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities. ACL-IJCNLP 2015.

By Heart: On Mnemonic Use of Poetry. [Naizust': O mnemonicheskom bytovanii stikha] NLO 114, 2012  http://www.nlobooks.ru/node/2011

2010 Cognitive Poetics and Cultural Memory: Russian Literary Mnemonics. Routledge Press

2010 Why Did Free Verse Catch on in the West, but not in Russia? On the Social Uses of Memorized Poetry (pdf), Toronto Slavic Quarterly, 33, 168 - 214

2009 Just What Word Did Mandel’shtam Forget? A Mnemopoetic Solution to the Problem of Saussure’s Anagrams, Poetics Today, 30/2, 155-205

2008 Who Was the Author of the First Book About Pushkin? Pushkin Review, 11, 1-32

2006 “Pushkin’s Letters.” in: The Cambridge Companion to Pushkin, Cambridge University Press, 130-143

2006 “The Origin of Slavic Historical Imperative,” Russian Linguistics, vol 30, 1, 89-101

2004 "Strikusy Revisited: A New Interpretation of an Obscure Passage in Slovo o Polku," Speculum Slaviae Orientalis: Ruthenia, Muscovy and Lithuania in the Late Middle Ages. UCLA Slavic Studies, n.s., IV

“Dostoevsky and Tolstoy in Amazon.com Customer Reviews,” in Critical Exchanges: Economy and Culture in the Literature of Russia , (2004).

2002 "On New Economic Criticism," New Literary Review 58 (in Russian)

2002 Dear Orphans [Dorogie Siroty]. Moscow: O.G.I.

2001 "The Unnamed Recognizable, or Canon under the Microscope," New Literary Review, 51 (in Russian)

2001 "Dissensus: The Canon Wars in American Academia in the 80s-90s," New Literary Review, 51 (in Russian)

2000 content developer in: Yuri Tsivian, Immaterial Bodies: A Cultural Analysis of Early Russian Films [CD-ROM; the best interactive learning project award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts] USC

2000 "A Pure Gaze and Practical View: Pierre Bourdieu on Culture," New Literary Review, 45 (in Russian)

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