Mirella Blum

|Visiting Scholar
Academic Appointments
  • Visiting Scholar in Linguistics

  • NSF SPRF Postdoctoral Fellow

My research focuses on tone, both lexical and grammatical; my interests in general include phonology, morphology, morphophonology and the description of understudied and undocumented languages. My research is driven primarily by fieldwork conducted on the Dinka language (Nilo-Saharan, South Sudan), whose complex and unusual suprasegmental system involves independently contrastive tone, vowel length, and voice quality. I work across and within different varieties of Dinka, studying their unusual tonal phenomena, how the tone systems are similar, how they differ, and how they may have evolved, as well as the many morphophonological and morphosyntactic phenomena that reveal themselves during the process.

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Anonymous, Room 212
HB 6220




  • BA, Barnard College (Columbia)
  • MS, University of Edinburgh
  • PhD, University of Edinburgh