Monika C. Otter

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of English

I teach medieval English literature. My research focuses on Latin, French, and English literature from England and northern France, 11th–13th centuries. I have worked on historiography, saints’ lives, romance, and the complicated interfaces between these genres; the development of ‘fiction’ as an idea and as a category of literature; women’s literature and gender issues. Translation theory is another interest of mine.

209 Sanborn
HB 6032
Comparative Literature
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
University of Freiburg, Germany
M.A. University of Massachusetts
Ph.D. Columbia University

Selected Publications

“Neither/Neuter: Hildebert’s Hermaphrodite and the Medieval Latin Epigram,” in Studi Medieval , (2007).

“Prolixitas Temporum: Futurity in Medieval Narratives,” in Reading Medieval Culture: Essays in Honor of Robert W. Hanning , R Stein and S Prior (eds.), (2005).

The Book of Encouragement and Comfort: Goscelin’s Letter to the Recluse Eva , (2004).

“Baudri of Bourgueil, ‘To Countess Adela’,” Journal of Medieval Latin , 11 (2001) 61-142.

Inventiones: Fiction and Referentiality in Twelfth -Century English Historical Writing , (1996).

"Entrances and Exits: Performing the Psalms in Goscelin of St. Bertin's Liber Confortatorius." Speculum 83.2 (April 2008): 283-302.

"Functions of Fiction in Historical Writing." Writing Medieval History: Theory and Practice for the Post-Traditional Middle Ages, ed. Nancy Partner. Hodder and Arnold, 2005.

Annotated verse translation of Baudri of Bourgueil's "Adelae Comitissae," Journal of Medieval Latin 11 (2001): 60-141.

"La Vie des deux Offa, L'enfance de Saint Edmond, et la logique des antécédants." Médiévales 38 (2000), 17-34.

"Ten-Sixty-Six: The Anonymous Life of St. Edward and William of Malmesbury's Life of St. Wulfstan as Narratives of Change." Speculum 74.3 (July 1999): 565-86.

"Closed Doors: An Epithalamium for Queen Edith, Widow and Virgin." Constructions of Widowhood and Virginity in the Middle Ages, ed. Angela J. Weisl and Cindy Carlson (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1999), 63-92.

"The Temptation of St. Æthelthryth." Exemplaria 9 (1997): 139-63.

"New Werke: St. Erkenwald, St. Albans, and the Medieval Sense of the Past." Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies 24 (1994): 387-414.

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Works in progress

First Persons: Voices and Characters in Medieval Latin Literature ; article on Italian 16th-century moresche