N. Bruce Duthu

Samson Occom Professor of Native American Studies
Wentworth Hall 301
HB 6152
Native American Studies
The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding
Dean of Faculty
B.A. Dartmouth College
J.D. Loyola University New Orleans

Selected Publications

Shadow Nations: Tribal Sovereignty and the Limits of Legal Pluralism (Oxford University Press 2013).

American Indians and the Law (2008).

“Commentary: Reconciling Our Memories in Order to Re-envision Our Future,” in Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts , C Bell and D Kahane (eds.), (2004) 232-237.

“Incorporative Discourse in Federal Indian Law: Negotiating Tribal Sovereignty Through the Lens of Native American Literature,” Harvard Human Rights Journal , 13 (2000) 141-190.

“Crow Dog and Oliphant Fistfights at the Tribal Casino: Political Power, Storytelling, and Games of Chance,” Arizona State Law Journal , 29 (1997).

“The Houma Indians of Louisana: The Intersection of Law and History in the Federal Acknowledgment Process,” Louisiana History , 38 (1997) 409-436.

“Implicit Divestiture and Tribal Powers: Locating Legitimate Sources of Authority in Indian Country,” American Indian Law Review , 19 (1995).

Works in progress

Examining political pluralism in the context of tribal authority in criminal matters for reservation-based offenses