Patricia Rachael Stuelke

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of English

I teach and write about 20th and 21st century hemispheric literature, photography, and popular culture, particularly in relation to histories of US imperialism, racial capitalism, gender and sexuality, and US and Latin American social movements. My first book, The Ruse of Repair, offers a history of the contemporary valorization of reparative politics and modes of interpretation, tracing them back to the practices and aesthetics of US empire and transnational solidarity movements during the transition to neoliberalism in the Americas. 

A.B. Harvard University
PhD Boston University

Selected Publications

“The Reparative Politics of Central America Solidarity Movement Culture.” American Quarterly 66.3 (September 2014): 767-790.

“‘Times When Greater Disciplines Are Born’: The Zora Neale Hurston Revival and the Neoliberal Transformation of the Caribbean.” American Literature 86.1 (March 2014): 117-145.

“Finding Haiti, Finding History in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.” Modernism/modernity 19.4 (November 2012): 755-774.

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