Peter Winkler

Academic Appointments
  • Professor of Mathematics

  • Professor of Computer Science

  • William Morrill Professor

I teach and do research in both mathematics and computer science, with emphasis in the listed areas.


HB 6188




  • B.A. Harvard
  • Ph.D. Yale

Selected Publications

  • The sleeping beauty controversy, American Mathematical Monthly 124 #7 (Aug-Sept 2017), 579-587.

  • Cop vs. gambler (with N. Komarov), Discrete Mathematics 339 #6 (June 2016), 1677-1681.

  • Hunter, Cauchy rabbit and optimal Kakeya sets (with Y. Babichenko, Y. Peres, R. Peretz, and P. Sousi), Transactions of the AMS 366 #10 (Oct. 2014), 5567-5586.

  • The phase transition for dyadic tilings (with O. Angel, A. Holroyd, G. Kozma, and J. Wastlund), Transactions of the AMS 366 #2 (Feb. 2014), 1029-1046.

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Works In Progress

limit permutations, abelian networks, new book on mathematical puzzles.