Peter Winkler

Academic Appointments

Professor of Mathematics
Professor of Computer Science
William Morrill Professor

I teach and do research in both mathematics and computer science, with emphasis in the listed areas.

231 Kemeny Hall, Dept. of Mathematics
HB 6188
Computer Science
B.A. Harvard
Ph.D. Yale

Selected Publications

The sleeping beauty controversy, American Mathematical Monthly 124 #7 (Aug-Sept 2017), 579-587.

Cop vs. gambler (with N. Komarov), Discrete Mathematics 339 #6 (June 2016), 1677-1681.

Hunter, Cauchy rabbit and optimal Kakeya sets (with Y. Babichenko, Y. Peres, R. Peretz, and P. Sousi), Transactions of the AMS 366 #10 (Oct. 2014), 5567-5586.

The phase transition for dyadic tilings (with O. Angel, A. Holroyd, G. Kozma, and J. Wastlund), Transactions of the AMS 366 #2 (Feb. 2014), 1029-1046.

Can extra updates delay mixing? (with Y. Peres), Communications in Mathematical Physics 323 (2013), 1007-1016.

Proof of the Squashed Cube Conjecture, Combinatorica 3 #1 (1983), 135-139.

Works in progress

limit permutations, abelian networks, new book on mathematical puzzles.