Richard B. Howarth

Academic Appointments

Professor of Environmental Studies
PhD Program in Ecology, Evolution, Environment, and Society
Co-Editor-in-Chief, Ecological Economics

Rich Howarth is an environmental and ecological economist who studies the interplay between economic analysis and the ecological, moral, and social dimensions of environmental governance. His topical interests focus on the valuation and management of ecosystem services; theories of discounting and intergenerational justice; climate stabilization policy; post-carbon energy futures; the ethical foundations of voluntary pro-environmental behaviors; and the relationship between economic growth, environmental quality, and human well-being as mediated by endogenous social norms.

106 Fairchild
HB 6182
Environmental Studies
A.B. Cornell University, 1985
M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1987
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, 1990

Selected Publications

G. Mavrommati, M.E. Borsuk, and R.B. Howarth. 2017. “A Novel Deliberative Multicriteria Evaluation Approach to Ecosystem Service Valuation.” Ecology and Society 22: 39.

D.A. Lutz, E.A. Burakowski, M.B. Murphy, M.E. Borsuk, R.M. Niemiec, and R.B. Howarth. 2016. “Tradeoffs between Three Forest Ecosystem Services across the State of New Hampshire, USA: Timber, Carbon, and Albedo.” Ecological Applications 26: 146-161.

D.A. Lutz and R.B. Howarth. 2015. “The Price of Snow: Albedo Valuation and a Case Study for Forest Management.” Environmental Research Letters 10: 064013.

R.B. Howarth, M.D. Gerst, and M.E. Borsuk. 2014. “Risk Mitigation and the Social Cost of Carbon.” Global Environmental Change 24: 123-131.

R.M.R. Turaga, R.B. Howarth, and M.E. Borsuk. 2010. “Pro-Environmental Behavior: Rational Choice Meets Moral Motivation.” Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1185: 211-224.

K. Nyborg, R.B. Howarth, and K.A. Brekke. 2006. “Green Consumers and Public Policy: On Socially Contingent Moral Motivation.” Resource and Energy Economics 28: 351-366.

C. Sneddon, R.B. Howarth, and R.B. Norgaard. 2006. “Sustainable Development in a Post-Brundtland World.” Ecological Economics 57: 253-268.

K.A. Brekke and R.B. Howarth. 2002. Status, Growth, and the Environment: Goods as Symbols in Applied Welfare Economics. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

M.A. Wilson and R.B. Howarth. 2002. “Discourse-Based Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Establishing Fair Outcomes through Group Deliberation.” Ecological Economics. 41: 431-443.

R.B. Howarth, B.M. Haddad, and B. Paton. 2000. “The Economics of Energy Efficiency: Insights from Voluntary Participation Programs.” Energy Policy 28: 477-486.

R.B. Howarth and R.B. Norgaard. 1992. “Environmental Valuation under Sustainable Development.” American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 80: 473‑477.

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