Robert Hill

Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Integrative Neuroscience at Dartmouth Graduate Program
Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program

We study the multicellular interactions between neurons and glia in the brain with a primary focus on the development, plasticity, and regeneration of myelinating oligodendrocytes. Techniques include high-resolution optical imaging in combination with molecular labels, genetic manipulation, and sensors of cellular physiology.

Life Sciences Center, Room 344
HB 6044
Biological Sciences
B.S. Trinity College
Ph. D. University of Connecticut
Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale School of Medicine

Selected Publications

Chapman TW, Olveda GE, Pereira E, and Hill RA. Age and axon-specific forms of cortical remyelination by divergent populations of NG2-glia. bioRxiv (2020)

Chapman TW and Hill RA. Myelin plasticity in adulthood and aging. Neuroscience Letters. (2020) 134645. PMID: 31765728

Hill RA#, Li AM, and Grutzendler J# Lifelong cortical myelin plasticity and age-related degeneration in the live mammalian brain. Nature Neuroscience. (2018) 21 (5), 683-695 PMID: 29556031, highlighted by NeuronNature Reviews Neuroscience and Yale News. #co-corresponding author

Hill RA, Damisah EC, Chen F, Kwan AC, and Grutzendler J. Targeted two-photon chemical apoptotic ablation of defined cell types in vivo. Nature Communications. (2017) 8,15837 PMID: 28621306.

Damisah EC*, Hill RA*, Tong L, Murray KN, and Grutzendler J. A fluoro-Nissl dye identifies pericytes as distinct vascular mural cells during in vivo brain imaging. Nature Neuroscience. (2017)  20(7), 1023-1032. PMID: 28504673, highlighted by Alzforum *co-first author

Hill RA*, Tong L*, Yuan P*, Murikinati S, Gupta S, and Grutzendler J. Regional blood flow in the normal and ischemic brain is controlled by arteriolar smooth muscle cell contractility and not by capillary pericytes. Neuron.  (2015) 87(1), 95-110. PMID: 26119027,  highlighted by Neuron, Alzforum, and ScienceNews. *co-first author

Hill RA and Grutzendler J. In vivo imaging of oligodendrocytes with sulforhodamine 101. Nature Methods.  (2014) 11(11), 1082-1083. PMID: 25357236

Hill RA#, Patel KD, Goncalves CM, Grutzendler J, and Nishiyama A# Modulation of oligodendrocyte generation during a critical temporal window after NG2 cell division. Nature Neuroscience. (2014) 17(11), 1518-1527. PMID: 25262495, Faculty of 1000 recommended, #co-corresponding author

Schain AJ, Hill RA, and Grutzendler J. Label-free in vivo imaging of myelinated axons in health and disease with spectral confocal reflectance microscopy. Nature Medicine. (2014) 20(4), 443-449. PMID: 24681598 , Faculty of 1000 recommended, highlighted by Nature Methods and Yale News

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