Robert L. Zeinstra III

Academic Appointments

Lecturer of History

Robert Zeinstra is an environmental and social historian of southern Africa, specializing in human-animal relations, memory, and social change. His dissertation, Bush War: An Environmental History of Zimbabwe's Liberation, focused on the environmental aspects of Zimbabwe's liberation war, sourced from the memories and stories of rural guerrilla collaborators in southcentral Zimbabwe. He is currently working on a history of the Rhodesian Army's environmental knowledge claims, or bushcraft, as well as a reappraisal of African agriculture in colonial Rhodesia, focusing on wetland farming and wheat production in the so-called Native Reserves. Robby received his PhD in History from Princeton University in 2023.


HB 6107




  • B.A. University of California, Berkeley (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • M.A. Princeton University (History)
  • Ph.D. Princeton University (History)