Roberta L. Stewart

Academic Appointments

Professor of Classical Studies

311 Reed Hall
HB 6086
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
B.A. University of Michigan
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Ph.D. Duke University

Selected Publications

“Ancient Narratives and Modern War Stories: Reading Homer with Combat Veterans,” Amphora 12.1 (2015) 1-3, 20-21.

“The Slave as Roman Outsider,” in D. Hammer, ed. Blackwell Companion to Ancient and Modern Democracies and Republics: A Comparative Approach (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014) 405-428. 

Plautus and Roman Slavery (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012). Reviews: BMCR 2012.11.50

(W. Owen); Choice 50 (2012) 545 (D. Lateiner); Greece and Rome 60 (2013) 320-322 (R. Langlands); Classical Review (2014) 1-3 (S. H. Blake).

TLL  10.1 (2010) s.v. pontifex 2672-80.

“Who’s Tricked? Models of Slave Behavior in Plautus’ Pseudolus ,” (2006).

Public Office in Early Rome: Ritual Procedure and Political Practice , (1998).

“Publicity and the Lot: the Politics of the Sortition at Rome,” in The Shapes of City Life in Rome and Pompeii: Essays in Honor of Lawrence Richardson, Jr., on the Occasion of His Retirement , M T Boatwright and H Evans (eds.), (1998) 9-26.

“The Jug and Lituus on Roman Republican Coin Types: Ritual Symbols and Political Power,” Phoenix , 51 (1997) 170-189.

“Catiline and the Crisis of 63-60 B.C.: The Italian Perspective,” Latomus 54 (1995) 62-78.

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