Ryan E. McKeon

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Special Instructor GIS/Spatial Analysis & Physical Geography

My teaching and research interests revolve around a desire to understand the evolution of the Earth’s surface and the processes that drive its continued modification.  This work draws upon a wide variety of disciplines from tectonics and geochemistry to spatial analysis and climate science.  Here in the Geography Department I teach students about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and how spatial analysis can be used to answer questions, both real-world and academic.  Additionally, I draw on my background in geomorphology and earth system science to assist with field-based courses such as Physical Geography and Biogeography.  I have ongoing research projects in the Appalachians, the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, Northern California, and South Africa and I encourage people to check out my personal website for more info about these projects and my research interests in general.


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HB 6017


Earth Sciences


  • Ph. D. Lehigh University
  • M.S.c. Montana State University, Bozeman
  • B.A. The Colorado College

Selected Publications

  • F.J. Cooper, B.A. Adams, J.D. Blundy, K.A. Farley, Ryan .E. McKeon, A. Ruggiero, “Aridity-induced Miocene canyon incision in the Central Andes”. Geology, 44, 8, p. 675-678.

    Amidon, William, Roden-Tice, Mary, Anderson, Alyssa, McKeon, Ryan E., Shuster, David, 2016,  “Late Cretaceous unroofing of the White Mountains, NH: An episode of passive margin rejuvenation?” Geology, 44, 6, p. 415-418.

    Farley, Ken A., McKeon, Ryan E., 2015, “Direct dating and thermochronology of Banded Iron Formation- associated hematite, Gogebic iron range, Michigan, U.S.A.” Geology, 43, 12, p. 1083-1086.

    McKeon, Ryan E., Zeitler, Peter K., Pazzaglia, Frank J., Idleman, Bruce, Enkelmann, Eva, 2014, “Decay of an old orogen: inferences about Appalachian landscape evolution from low-temperature thermochronology”. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 126, 1-2, p. 31-46.  doi: 10.1130/B30808.1

    Kulo, V., Bodzin, A., McKeon, RE., Anastasio, D., Peffer, T., & Sahagian, D. 2013. The Isle of Navitas: Towards a better understanding of energy and decision-making using GIS. In Atkinson, R.K. (Ed.), Learning Environments: Technologies, Challenges and Impact Assessment. Chapter 3, p. 49-67, Nova Publishers, New York.

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