Sachi Schmidt-Hori

|Associate Professor
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Associate Professor of Japanese Literature and Culture

I am interested in investigating how gender, sexuality, corporeality, and power are represented and negotiated in pre-seventeenth-century Japanese narratives and illustrations. My first book, Tales of Idolized Boys: Male-Male Love in Medieval Japanese Narratives (University of Hawai`i Press, 2021) is on medieval chigo monogatari (Buddhist acolyte tales), which often depict romantic relationships between Buddhist priests and adolescent boys. These tales challenge a host of normative and moral standards we (academics, especially) internalize, including such ideas as "sexual orientation," "transgenerational sex," and "sexual agency."

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(603) 646-2861
Anonymous, Room 205
HB 6191


Asian Societies, Cultures and Languages


  • M.A. University of Washington
  • PhD University of Washington

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