Sara A. Swenson

|Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments
  • Assistant Professor, Religion

  • Affiliated Faculty, Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages

Buddhist volunteerism is on the rise across Asia. In Vietnam's fastest growing urban area, Ho Chi Minh City, religious charities fulfill humanitarian needs by subsidizing medicine, serving free meals, and fundraising for infrastructure. Many of these charities are informal and unofficial. Volunteers gather in home kitchens; give aid on street corners; and fundraise for projects over social media. Through these small-scale local efforts, Buddhist communities are shaping new futures for social service provisioning amid national policy shifts toward increasing economic privatization in Vietnam.

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Thornton, Room 211
HB 6036




  • B.A. University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • M.A. Iliff School of Theology
  • M.A.. Syracuse University
  • Ph.D. Syracuse University

Selected Publications

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