Sergey Bratus

|Research Assoc Professor
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Research Associate Professor of Computer Science

I am a Research Associate Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. I am interested in all aspects of cyber security, including Unix and Linux kernel security, detection and reverse engineering of malware (primarily of kernel and boot-stage, in Linux and Windows), wireless networking, digital radio, and visualizations of security-related information. I am interested in identifying and eliminating the root causes of software vulnerabilities, and I believe that this requires connecting state-of-the-art hacking with fundamental problems of computer science. I believe that edge-of-the-art hacking has developed into a distinct discipline of computer science, even though not formally recognized as such, and that studying it is indispensable for building future computing systems we could finally trust.


Engineer and Comp Science Ctr, Room 216
HB 6211


Computer Science


Ph.D in Mathematics., Northeastern University