Sonu Bedi

Academic Appointments

Joel Parker 1811 Professor in Law and Political Science
Professor of Government
Hans ’80 and Kate Morris Director of the Ethics Institute

HB 6108
A.B. Brown University
A.M. Brown University
J.D. Harvard Law School
M.A. Yale University
M.Phil. Yale University
Ph.D. Yale University

Selected Publications

Private Racism (Cambridge University Press 2019)

Beyond Race, Sex, and Sexual Orientation:  Legal Equality without Identity (Cambridge University Pres 2013)

Rejecting Rights (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2009)

Political Contingency: Studying the Unexpected, the Accidental, and the Unforeseen . (New York: New York University Press 2007) (co-editor)

"The Pluralist Constitution," in Critical Review, March 2021

"Online Dating Sites as Public Accommodations:  Facilitating Racial Discrimination," in Free Speech in the Digital Age. Oxford University Press (eds., Susan Brison and Katharine Gelber), 2019.

"The Two Founding Thesis:  The Puzzle of Constitutional Interpretation," 66 UCLA Law Review Discourse 110, 2018 (co-authored with Elvin Lim)

"An Illiberal Union," 26 William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal 1081, 2018.

"The Absence of Horizontal Effect in Human Rights Law:  Domestic Violence and the Intimate Sphere," in Political and Legal Appraoches to Human Rights. Routledge Press (eds., Tom Campbell and Kylie Bourne), 2018.

Obergefell and the Liberal Case Against Civil Marriage, in Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: Perspectives on Marital Possibilities,” edited by Ronald Den Otter. Lexington Books (2016).


“Reclaiming the Conceptual Legacy of the Progressives’ Critique of Rights: Equal Protection without Higher Scrutiny,” in The Progressives’ Century edited by Stephen Skowronek, Stephen Engel, and Bruce Ackerman. Yale University Press (2016).

“Sexual Racism: Intimacy as a Matter of Justice,” Journal of Politics, Vol. 77 (4) (2015).

“Are rights important?” in Current Controversies in Political Philosophy, Thom Brooks (ed.). Routledge Press (2015).

“The Horizontal Effect of a Right to Non-Discrimination in Employment: Religious Autonomy under the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of South Africa,” 95 Boston University Law Review 1181 (2015).

“Affirming (Not Rewriting) the Constitution: Higher Lawmaking as a Kind of Civic Education,” 19 Wisconsin Law Review Online (Symposium 2015).

“The Scope of Formal Equality of Opportunity:  The Horizontal Effects of Rights in a Liberal Constitution,” Political Theory: An International Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 42 (6) (2014)

“Collapsing Suspect Class with Suspect Classification: Why Strict Scrutiny is too Strict and not Strict Enough” 47 University of Georgia Law Review 301, 2013 (lead article)

Judging without Rights: Public Reason and the Counter Majoritarian Difficulty” in Studies in Law, Politics, and Society , vol. 58, 2012 (lead article)

“Why a Criminal Prohibition on Sex Selective Abortions Amounts to a Thought Crime,” in Criminal Law and Philosophy , Vol. 5 (3), 2011

“Expressive Exclusion: A Defense,” in Journal of Moral Philosophy , Vol. 7(4), 2010 (lead article)

“How Constitutional Law Rationalizes Racism,” in Polity , Vol. 42, 2010

“What is so Special About Religion? The Dilemma of the Religious Exemption,” in Journal of Political Philosophy , Vol. 15, 2007

“Repudiating Morals Legislation: Rendering the Constitutional Right to Privacy Obsolete,” in Cleveland State Law Review , 53 (3) 2006

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