Stefan J. Link

Associate Professor of History
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Associate Professsor of History

I specialize in economic history, business history, and the intellectual history of capitalism. My book, Forging Global Fordism: Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and the Contest over the Industrial Order, is out in 2020 with Princeton University Press.

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The book explores how the 20th-century automobile industry took shape as activist states confronted America, competed over industrial development, and clashed over the terms of globalization. It also talks about the ideological origins of mass production in Midwestern Populism, the Soviet context of Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, and the proto-developmental state in Nazi Germany.

In other research I address how social theory, politics, and ideology might be leveraged for understanding business history; how development theory might be applied to the economic history of the United States; and how the Great Depression, understood as a global crisis, has shaped the history of globalization.

At Dartmouth, I teach a survey of global economic history since 1800, a course on the global Great Depression, and a course on the intellectual history of capitalism.

Recent publications:

Stefan Link and Noam Maggor, “The United States as a Developing Nation: Revisiting the Peculiarities of American History," Past and Present 246:1 (2020), 269-306.

>>>>> Spanish translation: "Estados Unidos como una nación en desarrollo: consideraciones sobre las peculiaridades de la historia estadunidense," El Trimestre Económico 87:2 (2020), 791-834.

Stefan Link, “How Might 21st-Century De-Globalization Unfold? Some Historical Reflections,” New Global Studies, 12:3 (2018), 343-65.

Stefan Link, “The Charismatic Corporation: Finance, Administration, and Shop Floor Management under Henry Ford,” Business History Review 92:1 (2018), 85-115.

Stefan Link, "Business as Political Action: the Ford-GM Rivalry of the 1920s and the Limits of Embeddedness" (working paper, email me for a copy!)

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