Steven Frankland

|Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor

I study the computational principles and neural systems that allow the human mind to be so flexible in some cases  — for example, able to generate and understand an infinite number of possible sentences, able to quickly reason about new situations, and able to plan for uncertain futures — while being so profoundly limited in others — for example, easily forgetting names, dates, and phone numbers, and unable to perform multiple simple tasks at once. Why are we so smart sometimes and not others? I approach these questions using information-theory, classic neural network formalisms, and cognitive neuroscientific methods (e.g., fMRI), in pursuit of some general principles.


Winifred Raven, Room 106
HB 6256


Cognitive Science Program


  • B.A. College of Wooster
  • Ph.D. Harvard University
  • Post-Doc Princeton University