Sunmin Kim

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Faculty associate, The Dartmouth Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration, and Sexuality (RMS)

Sunmin Kim is primarily interested in bringing insights from sociology of culture and knowledge into the studies of race and immigration in the United States.

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Kim is currently working on a book manuscript that looks at how American social scientists and federal bureaucrats attempted to study immigrants in the early twentieth century, and how such attempts led to the re-invention of the principles of boundary-making around the American nation. To answer these questions, Kim is analyzing archival materials related to the Dillingham Commission Report (1911) – the most comprehensive study of immigrants ever undertaken by the federal government.

In his other projects, Kim works on political incorporation of immigrants and their children in New York City; varying cultural criteria of defining "foreigners" in developed countries;  political participation of minorities; policy preferences of Asian Americans; guidelines for gathering and analyzing archival data; the National Archive files of early 20th century Korean immigrants; and the relationship between democracy and public opinion polling in East Asia. In addition to his Ph.D. in sociology from University of California, Berkeley, Kim received B.A. and M.A. in sociology from Seoul National University. 

He teaches courses on contemporary social theory (SOCY 16: Cosntructing Social Theory), immigration (SOCY 48: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity), and race and power in the United States (SOCY 47: Race and Ethnicity in the US). 

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301D Blunt, Sociology
HB 6104
B.A. Seoul National University
M.A. Seoul National University
M.A. University of California, Berkeley
Ph. D. University of California, Berkley

Selected Publications

Kim, Sunmin. 2021. "Fault Lines among Asian Americans: Convergence and Divergence in Policy Opinions" RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of Social Sciences 7(2): 46-67 Link 

Lara-Milan, Armando, Brian Sargent, and Sunmin Kim. 2020. "Theorizing with Archives: Contingency, Mistakes, and Plausible Alternatives" Qualitative Sociology 43(3): 345-365. Link

Kim, Sunmin. 2019. "Rethinking Models of Minority Political Participation: Inter- and Intra-group Variation in Political "Styles" The Du Bois Review: Social Science Research On Race 16(2): 489-510. Link

Lara-Milan, Armando, Brian Sargent, and Sunmin Kim. 2019. "Where is the Archive in Historical Sociology? The Case for Ethnographic Dispositions" Trajectories 30. Link

Lee, Taeku, and Sunmin Kim. 2018. "The Mechanics of Immigration Polls: A Review" Public Opinion Quarterly 82(1):148-170. Link

Works in progress

Re-categorizing Americans: Difference, Distinction, and Belonging in the Dillingham Commission (1907-1911)(Book manuscript in progress)

"Assimilation in Market and Politics: Exit and Voice for Children of Imimgrants" 

"Reworking Whiteness: Challenges to the Racial Ideology of the Dillingham Commission (1907-1911)"

"Polling, Public Opinion, and Political Accountability in South Korea" (with Taeku Lee)

"Public Trust of Opinion Polls in South Korea: An Analysis of 2018 KGSS Data” (with Taeku Lee)

“Boundary-Making across 22-OECD Countries: A Multi-Level Latent Class Approach” (with Inkwan Chung)

"Category Traversing: Early Korean Immigrants Eluding the American State" (with Carolyn Choi, Joseph Chong, and Amy Park)