Tricia Treacy

|Associate Professor
Academic Appointments
  • Chair, Department of Studio Art

  • Associate Professor of Studio Art

Tricia Treacy's creative studio practice weaves print media, collaboration, language, and design into participatory and interdisciplinary projects. She attempts to blur the boundaries of art and design while extending the notion of a book. Tricia is a recipient of a Project Grant from the Center for Craft Creativity and Design, a Rome Prize in Design from the American Academy in Rome, and Women in Design Biennial Award in the Researchers Category for Association Italian Design of Visual Communication. Her work has been exhibited widely and is in over fifty collections including the National Library of the Netherlands in the Hague, the Virginia Commonwealth University Special Collections in Doha Qatar, the Watson Library at the MET in New York, and SF MOMA in California. 

She is an Associate Professor and a board member for DesignInquiry, which is a diverse cast of thinkers, makers, and


Visual Arts Center, Room 312
HB 6081


Studio Art


  • B.A. West Virginia University
  • M.F.A. The University of the Arts