Tyler Feezell

|Research Associate B

Tyler Feezell joined the Department of Religion as a postdoctoral research associate in January 2023. He will be working with Dr. Gil Raz on a project focused on Daoist epigraphic and archaeological materials, looking at Daoism as a lived religion across Chinese history. Prior to coming to Dartmouth, Tyler spent the last two years in Taiwan completing his dissertation research, which was supported by grants from Taiwan's Ministry of Education and National Central Library, as well as the Luo Chia-Luen International Sinology Center at National Chengchi University. Tyler is a scholar of Daoism, whose work broadly centers on Daoist literature, in particular the intersection of Daoist practices—communal ritual, hymnal recitation, and internal cultivation—and poetry. His current book project examines how a particular form of Daoist hymn, used in ritual performances from the 5th century until even today, was adapted by poets and emperors as it became a well-known poetic form. He has taught courses on Daoism, early Chinese thought, modern Chinese history and society, and Chinese language.




  • B.A. Trinity University (2008)
  • M.A. National Chengchi University, Taiwan (2015)
  • Ph.D. Arizona State University (2022)