Victoria Somoff

Academic Appointments

Chair, Department of Russian Language and Literature
Associate Professor of Russian

204 Reed Hall
HB 6085
M.A. Donetsk State University, Ukraine
M.A. University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley

Selected Publications

The Imperative of Reliability: Russian Prose on the Eve of the Novel, 1820s-1850s. Northwestern University Press, 2015.

“Nonresistance to Fiction: Archaic Folktale vs. Later Tolstoy.” Slavic and Eastern European Journal 60:2 (Summer 2016), pp. 284-306.

“Alexander Veselovsky’s Historical Poetics vs. Cultural Poetics: Remembering the Future.” Ilya Kliger and Boris Maslov, eds., Persistent Forms: Explorations in Historical Poetics, Fordham University Press, 2015.

“Morals and Miracles: The Case of AT 555, The Fisherman and His Wife.” Forthcoming (2016) in Nancy Canepa, ed. Teaching Fairy Tales, Wayne State University Press.  


“Four is Not Fourteen: Tongue Twister Patterns and the Unmastery of Language.” Western Folklore 73:2/3 (Spring 2014), pp. 195-215. 

“No Need for Dogs or Women: Muteness in Turgenev’s Mumu.” Russian Literature 68, nos. 3-4 (2010): 501-520.

“On the Metahistorical Roots of the Fairytale.” Western Folklore 61 (2002): 277-294.