Vladimir Chernov (Tchernov)

Academic Appointments

Professor of Mathematics

(603) 6462421
HB 6188
M.Sci. University of California at Riverside
Ph.D. University of California at Riverside
Ph.D. Uppsala University, Sweden

Selected Publications

V. Chernov and S. Nemirovski: "Universal Orderability of Legendrian Isotopy Classes", J. Symplectic Geometry, 14, no.1, (2016), 149-170

V. Chernov and S. Nemirovski: "Cosmic censorship of smooth structures." Comm. Math. Phys. 320, no. 2,  (2013), 469–473

P. Cahn and V. Chernov: "Intersaction of Loops and the Andersen-Mattes-Reshetikhin Algebra", J. Lond. Math. Soc. (2), 87, no. 3, (2013), 785-801

V. Chernov and S. Nemirovski: “Non-negative Legendrian isotopy in STM”, Geometry and Topology , 14, no. 1, (2010) pages 611-626

V. Chernov and S. Nemirovski: “Legendrian links causality and the Low conjecture”, GAFA (Geometric and Functional Analysis), 19, no. 5, (2010) pages 1320-1333

V. Chernov and Yu. Rudyak, “Linking and Causality in Globally Hyperbolic Space-times,” Communications in Mathematical Physics , 279:2 (2008) 309-354.

V. Chernov and Yu. Rudyak, “Toward a General Theory of Linking Invariants,” Geometry and Topology , 9:42 (2005) 1881-1913.

V. Chernov: "Relative Framing of Transverse Knots", Int. Math. Res. Not., no 52, (2004), 2773-2795

V. Tchernov: "Isomorphism of the Groups of Vassiliev Invariants of Legendrian and of Pseudo-Legendrian Knots", Compositio Math, 135, no.1, (2003), 103-122

V. Tchernov: "Vassiliev invariants of Legendrian, transverse, and framed knots in contact three-manifolds", Topology, 42, no. 1, (2003), 1-33

V. Tchernov: "Arnold-type invariants of wave fronts on surfaces," Topology (41), no. 1, (2002), 1-45

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Works in progress

interactions between Lorentz geometry and contact topology; relations between causality in Lorentz manifolds and linking; refocussing Lorentz manifolds; space of light rays in a spacetime; smooth structures on spacetimes; virtual knots and virtual curves