David LaGuardia

Academic Appointments

Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Chair of French and Italian

310 Dartmouth Hall, Department of French & Italian
HB 6087
Comparative Literature
French and Italian
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
B.A. New College of the University of South Florida
M.A. University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

Book:  Memory and Community in Sixteenth-Century France.  Volume of essays co-edited with Cathy Yandell.  (Farnham, UK:  Ashgate, 2015).

Book: Intertextual Masculinities in French Renaissance Literature:  Rabelais, Brantôme, and the Cent nouvelles nouvelles (Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2008).

Book: Trash Culture:  Essays in Popular Criticism (Philadelphia: Xlibris, 2008).

Book: “Meaning and Its Objects.”  Volume of Essays co-edited with Margaret Burland and Andrea Tarnowski.  Yale French Studies 110 (Fall, 2006).

Book: Narrative Worlds: Essays on the French Nouvelle in 15th and 16th Century France.  Volume of essays co-edited with Gary Ferguson (Tempe: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, Arizona State University, 2005).

Book: The Iconography of Power: the French Nouvelle at the End of the Middle Ages (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1999).

Article:  "Two Queens, a Dog, and a Purloined Letter:  On Memory as a Discursive Phenomenon in Late Renaissance France," in Memory and Community in Sixteenth-Century France (Farnham, UK:  Ashgate, 2015).

Article:  "Les Journaux de Pierre de L'Estoile:  une cartographie parisienne," in Bernd Renner and Phillip Usher, eds., Illustrations inconscientes:  écritures de la Renaissance.  Mélanges offerts à Tom Conley (Paris:  Honoré Champion, 2014).

Article: "Henri III et la propagande de l'obscène." in "Licences et censures poétiques.  La littérature érotique et pornographique vernaculaire à la Renaissance,"  ed,  Cécile Alduy.  Renaissance, Humanisme, Réforme no. 69 (June 2009), 41-52.

Article: "L' ´Ecriture polymorphe de la masculinité chez Rabelais,"  "L'Homme en tous genres:Masculinités textuelles," special issues of Itinéraires, ed. Gary Ferguson (2008, number 2), 49-62.

Article: “On the Male Urge: Masculinity in Rabelais and Brantôme.”   Entre  hommes, edited by Todd Reeser and Lewis Seifert. (Newark:  University of Delaware Press, 2008), 67-86.

Article: "Biographical Identity and the Being of the Subject: Jean Starobinski's Montaigne en mouvement."  Montaigne Studies ed. George Hoffmann, vol. XX, number 1-2 (March, 2008).  145-155.

Article: “Interrogation and the Performance of Truth in the Registre Criminel du Châtelet de Paris, 1389-1392.”  In “Meaning and its Objects,”   Volume of Essays co-edited with Margaret Burland and Andrea Tarnowski. Yale French Studies 110 (Fall, 2006), 152-162.

Article: “French Renaissance Literature and the Problem of Theory: Alcofribas’s Performance in the Prologue to Gargantua.” EMF 10 (Spring, 2005), 5-38.

Article: “Exemplarity as Misogyny:   Variations on the Tale of the One-Eyed Cuckold.”  Narrative Worlds: Essays on the French Nouvelle in 15th and 16th Century France (Tempe:  Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, Arizona State University, 2005), 139-158.

Article: “Doctor Rabelais and the Medicine of Scatology.”  in Fecal Matters, ed. Jeff Persels and Russell Ganim (Aldershot, UK:  Ashgate, 2004), 24-37.

Article: “Masculinity and Metaphors of Reading in the Tiers Livre.”  “French Masculinities,” special issue of Esprit Créateur, ed. Todd Reeser and Lewis Seifert, Fall, 2003, Vol. XLIII, No. 3, 5-15.

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Works in progress

The Culture of Memory: Memorial Writing during the French Wars of Religion.