Profile Editing Instructions OLD

This document explains how to maintain your Arts & Sciences Faculty Directory profile. Information entered into your profile via the Content Management System (CMS) will appear in the A&S Faculty Directory as well as the website for each department with which you are affiliated, as long as the departmental website is also in the CMS.

Profile sections are listed below in the same order that they appear in the editing interface. Fields with asterisks are required and must contain data.

Please note:

  • None of your changes are implemented until you press the "Save" button at the very bottom of the editing interface. If you browse back or close your browser without saving, you will lose any changes made.
  • There is no draft mode at this time.
  • If you need to enter more than one item in a section—e.g., if you have multiple titles at Dartmouth—clicking "Add Another Item" will add more fields to that section. 
  • You can rearrange the items listed in a section by using the crosshairs at the left end of each field. Simply click and drag the crosshair up or down to move the selected item to its new location.

Profile Sections

Full Name *

Enter your name as you would like it to appear at the top of your profile. 

Dartmouth NetID 

Enter your Dartmouth NetID. If you leave this field blank, the system will take a best guess of your NetID based on what is intered into the Full Name field, above. Your NetID will not be displayed publicly; the purpose of this field is to import your email address, phone number and Hinman box number from the central Dartmouth directory. You can update your phone number and Hinman box number in the Dartmouth Directory Manager.

Profile Image

The CMS accepts the following image types:  .png, .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg. Files must also be a minimum of 323 pixels wide by 405 pixels tall. If you do not have a suitable photograph, please contact the Office of Public Affairs to schedule a session with their photographer.

You may upload a profile image by clicking on the "Select media" button.  After clicking on the "Select media" button, use the "Browse" button on the screen to locate the image on your computer, and then click on the "Submit" button. You will be asked to name the file after you click "Submit."  

We recommend the following image naming convention: YourFirstName YourLastName Image (no file extension is required). The Alt Text and Title Text fields should both contain the following for the visually impaired: Image of YourFirstName YourLastName.

Click the "Save" button to save all information with the profile image.

Tip: is a good free online tool for resizing images if you do not own image editing software.

Office Location

Enter the physical location where your office is located. Please use the format ### Building Name (e.g., 123 Dartmouth Hall).

If you have more than one office location, list your primary location first and use commas to separate additional locations. 


Enter your official title with Dartmouth College. If you have more than one, click on the "Add another item" button to add more Title fields.

Titles should be listed in the following order:

  • Honorary chair and or leadership roles as applicable at Dartmouth
  • Title in primary department or program appointment at Dartmouth
  • Additional departments or programs at Dartmouth
  • Any other affiliations at other educational institutions
  • Appointments or affiliations with professional organizations

If you have questions about the order, please contact the Dean of the Faculty.

Personal Statement

Provide a statement about your teaching philosophy. There is no limit to the amount of text that you can supply, but the display will automatically truncate anything longer than roughly 90 words. A "Read More" button will then allow the reader to view the rest of the statement.

Areas of Expertise

Try to limit your areas of expertise to single words or short phrases. If you need more fields, click on the "Add another item" button. All words will display in lower case, and multiple fields will be automatically separated by a forward slash.

View Curriculum Vitae 

You may upload a CV by clicking on the "Select media" button. The CV must be in PDF format. 

After clicking on the "Select media" button to insert your CV, use the "Browse" button on the screen to locate the image on your computer, and then click on the "Submit" button. You will be asked to name the file after you click "Submit." 

We recommend the following image naming convention: YourFirstName YourLastName CV (no file extension is required).

Tip: Choosing "Remote URL" after clicking "Select media" will enable you to provide a URL to a file on another website.  This is good practice if you have a CV on your personal website and only want to maintain a single file in a single location.

Click the "Save" button to save all information with the profile image.

Personal Website

Provide the URL to your personal website here. On your completed profile page, a "Personal Website" button will appear next to the CV button near the top. If you require additional links, use the "Related Links" vertical tab, explained below.


List your educational history here, using a single field for each degree or experience. We recommend the following format: Degree, Institution, Year.

Vertical Tabs

The vertical tabs are at the bottom left of the editing interface. Clicking on a vertical tab will enable you to enter fields for that section. For certain sections under vertical tabs (e.g., selected publications), you may have many items to enter. You can add more fields to a section by clicking "Add another item."


Enter the name of the course in the Title field, and the full webpage address where the course description is located in the URL field. We recommend linking to course description in the Smart Catalog.

Related Links

Enter titles of and links to other websites in this area. Types of links you may wish to post include: 

  • organizations with which you are affiliated 
  • lab websites
  • other websites that publish information about you

Enter the name of the website in the Title field (e.g. "Personal Website") and the website address in the URL. Use the "Add another item" button to get more fields.

Your completed profile page will list the first three related links. If you have more, there will be a + symbol for the viewer to click to see the rest.

Selected Publications / Speaking Engagements / Works in Progress / Selected Works

Use these four vertical tabs to represent your work history of various types.  There is no requirement to use a particular vertical tab if it does not apply to you or you do not wish to include that information.  Empty vertical tabs will not be displayed in your profile.  

Each discrete work or activity should be separated into its own field within a vertical tab.  If more fields are needed, click on the "Add another item" button.  The fields will display on your profile in the order in which they are shown in the editor.  You may rearrange the order by dragging the crosshair icon at the left of each field up or down.

When your profile is displayed, the first eight works will be listed, and the reader can click on a "View more" button to expand the entire list.

Tip: We recommend limiting each tab to 25 works or activities.  You will encounter sluggishness in the editing interface as you exceed that number.  Think of this as a listing of relatively recent activity and let your CV act as a full record of your history.

Social Media

 If you would like to share any of your social media accounts, there are several options listed in the Social Media vertical tab.  Fields containing a URL will cause the icon for that social media outlet to appear on your profile page near the link to your CV. For example, if you enter your Facebook URL in the Facebook field, a Facebook icon linking to your account will appear on your profile.

Authoring information

You may delegate the maintenance of your profile to an admin or assistant by typing the name of that person in to the Authored By field.  That person must already have an account in the A&S Faculty Directory site.  If they have an account and you begin typing their name, it will auto complete from the pool of usernames that start with the same letters.  If they do not have an account, ask your delegate to email us at Web Support to request access. 

A profile may only be 'authored' by a single person at a time, and only the author may only edit a profile.  You may, however, trade authorship back and forth at will.

Save Button 

Most importantly, please do not forget to click on the "Save" button when you have completed your changes!  No alterations to your profile will go into effect until you do so.  After clicking Save, you will be returned to the updated profile page.


Clicking on the Revisions tab at the top of either the profile page or editing interface allows you to review previously saved/published versions of your profile.  Selecting the date will display a preview of the page as it appeared at that time.  You may freely browse the revision history without reverting. If you wish to revert to a previous version, then you must find the correct version and then click the "revert" link at the right of the corresponding row.  This will become the currently public version of your profile.

Tip: You may browse previous versions of your profile and copy/paste text in to the current version without reverting.


Questions regarding the A&S Faculty Directory should be directed at Web Support.  Support is available directly by email or via one-on-one training sessions.